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Welcome to the People's Platform for Kingston.

In the upcoming 2022 Kingston Municipal Election, please consider voting for these candidates who believe in strong public services for the people.


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Housing For all​​

  • Scrap the current bylaw and encampment protocol which makes it illegal for unhoused people to live in tents on public property. Open washrooms to serve unhoused people and provide services they need to survive.

  • Eliminate homelessness immediately by housing everyone that is currently unhoused, and everyone on the social housing registry, in new, clean, and dignified rent-geared-to-income public housing units.

  • End the bed bug and pest crisis by treating infestations as a public health issue and introducing a new city-run and publicly-owned and operated program. Bolster and reform property standards. Create new housing for emergency situations to house victims of pest-infested housing.

  • Declare an opioid poisoning crisis and bring the Integrated Care Hub under municipal control. Move the Integrated Care Hub from its current location, which rests on toxic land, to an adequate area that is well-funded and operated. Construct a space that can adequately house, feed, and provide people with clean medicines. 

  • Open a new rehabilitation facility with adequate space for housing, feeding, and providing recreational space for patrons.

  • Ban Airbnb, as operators hoard housing that would otherwise be available to people. Also, many operators rely on an over-exploited cleaning service economy.

Free Transit For All

  • Free transit for the people. Improve Kingston Transit and make transit free for all users. Expand the frequency of routes. 

  • Bolster access for the Kingston Access Bus service so that people with disabilities and seniors can access city services and locations more easily and free of charge. This will also reduce carbon emissions and lower congestion on roads and help the poorest residents to commute.

  • Ban Uber, as it has undercut the local cab industry and its drivers, it has flooded the market with an unlimited amount of taxi cars and depressed wages of drivers to below minimum wage. This is unsafe and unregulated.

Environmental Justice

  • Change the Urban Development Plan. The current Plan is outdated and focused on the development of sprawling suburbs, generating profits for landlords and developers, and a complete disregard for nature. A new Plan should have a municipally-led model that prioritizes human needs for housing and healthy environments. We need to let the Earth heal itself by protecting forests and greenspace that our suburbs are encroaching on, and properly respecting lands that we have destroyed and heavily polluted.

  • Housing people does not have to create environmental destruction. We can, must, and will build on current infrastructure, retrofit run-down and abandoned buildings, and repurpose rather than decrease green space.

  • Reduce carbon emissions in Kingston by 50% by 2030.


Food For All

  • Free food for the people. Create a municipal food program that will make healthy, cooked food available for hard-working people who have no money or time to cook. This will ensure nobody in Kingston goes hungry. 

Healthcare For All

  • All retirement residences and long term care facilities will be publicly-run to ensure adequate care and working conditions.

  • Paramedic services will be public, free, with adequate ambulances and staffing to fill the current need.

Childcare For All

  • Provide new child care spaces and subsidies so people can access public, affordable, and accessible child care for all.

  • Ensure that the expansion of childcare through the $10-a-day childcare plan does not include private for-profit providers.

  • Require childcare workers in public and non-profit centres to have ECE (Early Childhood Education) certification and raise the wages of ECE workers.

  • Expand early learning programs.

Reconciliation and Decolonization

  • Achieve a real, deep and respectful reconciliation with First Nations who are guardians of this land we are all living on. Colonial symbols need to be torn down and we need to stop celebrating leaders of colonial genocide like Lord Amherst and John A. Macdonald. We need to work towards a more compassionate society that eliminates oppression.

  • In partnership with Indigenous peoples, construct a public educational and gathering space that privileges the histories and Ways of Knowing of Haudenosaunee, Anishinaabe, and Huron-Wendat peoples. This space would amplify Indigenous voices, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Reports, and work to decolonize Canadian colonial mythologies.

Status and Services for All

  • All municipal government services available to citizens should be available to all. Everyone should have access to basic human rights like health care, education, and fair wages.

Arts & Culture

  • We need more support for artists in Kingston, as arts and culture are valuable to the city. Poor residents and kids growing up in Kingston should be able to learn how to play an instrument, how to paint, how to act, and dance.

  • The City of Kingston should invest in arts and culture education by opening municipally-run music, dance, and art schools in which Kingstonians will be able to learn the skills necessary to be artists and musicians, and where teachers will be respected, unionized, and have employment contracts and job security.

  • The City should also invest in infrastructure necessary for art practices (studios, concert halls, practice facilities, musical instrument libraries, theatre spaces, etc.) run by trained artists employed by the city.


Defund the Police

  • Transform Kingston Police Force from an organization that terrorizes poor neighbourhoods and criminalizes poor people, to a community policing model that serves and helps people. There is no need for police to posses their current arsenal of weapons and armaments. Police need to be disarmed and de-militarized.

  • Establish strong civilian control over the police through a completely independent civilian agency with powers to fire, hire and discipline, that is publicly accountable and transparent.

  • Drugs need to be legalized and police need to focus on violent crime and actually serving the community by mediating and resolving disputes, saving lives, and de-escalating violent situations.


Development and the Economy

  • End giveaways and freebies for developers, the tourist industry, the business lobby, and other corporate freeloaders.

  • Create good, unionized, public sector jobs at the municipal level in construction, public transit, food, cleaning services, and property standards.

  • End privatization and contracting-out of municipal services. Bring previously privatized and contracted out services back under the public, municipal umbrella.


Statement on Misrepresentation


On Tuesday, October 4 Ivan Stoiljkovic was asked to participate in a Kingston Chamber of Commerce community meet-and-greet on the municipal elections. During this virtually recorded meeting, he made a statement that was redacted by the Chamber which declared: “Four years ago when mayor Patterson was elected, one of the first things he did was to strike up a mayor’s task force on housing and homelessness staffed by career politicians and representatives of large landlords and developers…I told him [the mayor] not to do it. I told him not to leave those who created the housing crisis in charge of fixing it. I told him that it would be similar to letting the Nazi’s resolve the Jewish problem.”


Ivan has since faced criticism from Jacque Collier and others which misrepresented his comments as “morally reprehensible," with allegations of anti-Semitism. The People’s Platform for Kingston and the Katarokwi Union of Tenants (to which Ivan and other councillors running on the platform are affiliated) stand behind this statement in the face of gross misrepresentation of it and frankly, offensive attempts to mischaracterize it. The statement was not a spineless comparison to the holocaust, rather a statement of solidarity across class and racial/ethnic lines.


Ivan was born in a nation that was brutalized by the Nazis. His family fought and died to liberate their people from Nazi oppression, and some of his family suffered in concentration camps. Jacob Wynperle, candidate for District #8, is of Jewish descent and his family is still affected to this day by the horrors of the Holocaust. He, like the rest of us, is appalled by the abhorrent conduct of those using anti-Semitism as a weapon to suppress political opponents.


It is our position that we must come to terms with the fact that Canada was born out of a genocide of Indigenous peoples which is ongoing. Just as the systemic hate of the Jewish people is continued and didn’t end with the holocaust—with anti-Semitic hate crimes on the rise in the United States, Canada, and many countries throughout Europe—the systemic hate and elimination of poor people is ongoing in Canada, and in Kingston.


When landlords evict tenants, those tenants end up in camps on the street. When the developers wish to profit from the land they camp on, they collude with their political puppets and their armed enforcement, the police, to destroy these camps and displace the homeless further. These actions directly result in suffering and death for the homeless, and profit for the landlords, the developers, the politicians, and the police. And among the homeless who suffer and die are queer and LGBTQ+ people, Indigenous people, racialized people, people with disabilities, and all of them deemed socially invalid and unworthy by powerful elites. We challenge anyone to explain to us how this does not amount to state sanctioned violence. Ivan never compared to the Holocaust; it is Jackie and others who are misusing and abusing its legacy. This is merely an attempt by the landlord and developer community to distract from our message, which is about how they are causing mass death and suffering of Kingstonians with their insatiable greed and anti-poor policies. 


We are pro workers’ rights, pro poor people’s rights, and pro unhoused people’s rights, and against furthering the oppression of any of those populations already marginalized in our society. Only through overcoming the massive barriers constructed against them will their democratic voice be heard, which is why we are in this election race. We will continue to represent them, no matter what awful things are said about us by those with the most privilege and power in this system.


Join our fight at


The People’s Platform

Kingston, Ontario

In the Community

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International Overdose Awareness Day


Mayoral candidate Ivan Stoiljkovic and Council candidate for King's Town District Alexandria Liu participated in International Overdose Awareness Day, which is an annual campaign to end overdoses, remember without stigma those who have died, and acknowledge the grief of families and friends. The People's Platform for Kingston vows to end the needless death and suffering brought on by the failed drug policy. The People's Platform for Kingston and the Katarokwi Union of Tenants (KUT) call for expansion of the Integrated Care Hub, located in King's Town District, to include immediate and dignified housing for all the homeless clients, food for everyone, the decriminalization of all drugs, and free and safe supply of drugs to those who need them to survive. KUT's statements on the decriminalization of drugs in Kingston and criticisms of the City's approach to homelessness are included for context. 


Mayoral Candidate Ivan Stoiljkovic and members of the Katarokwi Union of Tenants and the People’s Platform for Kingston team serve meals to the unhoused people at the Integrated Care Hub. They listen to people’s concerns and deliver what people need.


They pledge to house everyone, feed everyone and make everyone safe by decriminalizing drugs and providing safe and free supply for those who need it.

This election is a matter of life and death for many people. Returning Mayor Peterson and his friends the big landlords and developers to the City Hall will without a doubt result in an increase of mass death and suffering of our friends. We have 8 years of evidence that leaves no doubt about Mayor’s intentions: he is fully committed to creating more homelessness and suffering.


Ivan Stoiljkovic and the People’s Platform for Kingston Candidates are Commited to eradicating homelessness and housing everybody.


The choice could not be any clearer.


Let’s live in a city we can be proud of where everyone is housed, fed and safe.

On October 24th (or online now until October 24th or in advanced polls October 18-22) vote for Ivan Stoiljkovic and People’s Platform for Kingston Candidates.


Ivan Stoiljkovic and People's Platform Candidates listen to the people in Rideau Heights on a sunny afternoon. The people want us to end homelessness in Kingston. They want housing and better services. They want better transit and more accessibility. They agree with our platform and they've given us lots of input on how we can do better.


These are the people Ivan Stoiljkovic (running for Mayor), Keaton Zandbergen (running for Council in District #7 - Kingscourt-Rideau) and Alexandria Liu (running for Council in District #11 - King's Town) care for and will serve when elected on October 24th.

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