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  • Jenoa Meagher

A Life or Death Vote!

Mayoral Candidate Ivan Stoiljkovic and members of the Katarokwi Union of Tenants and the People’s Platform for Kingston team serve meals to the unhoused people at the Integrated Care Hub. They listen to people’s concerns and deliver what people need.

They pledge to house everyone, feed everyone and make everyone safe by decriminalizing drugs and providing safe and free supply for those who need it.

This election is a matter of life and death for many people. Returning Mayor Peterson and his friends the big landlords and developers to the City Hall will without a doubt result in an increase of mass death and suffering of our friends. We have 8 years of evidence that leaves no doubt about Mayor’s intentions: he is fully committed to creating more homelessness and suffering.

Ivan Stoiljkovic and the People’s Platform for Kingston Candidates are Commited to eradicating homelessness and housing everybody.

The choice could not be any clearer.

Let’s live in a city we can be proud of where everyone is housed, fed and safe.

On October 24th (or online now until October 24th or in advanced polls October 18-22) vote for Ivan Stoiljkovic and People’s Platform for Kingston Candidates.

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