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KUT International Women's Day Statement

Today Kingston Union of Tenants (KUT) honours the working-class women’s protests that led to the establishment of International Women’s Day. March 8th is a day to recognize and challenge the unequal social positions of women upheld by class, race, and gender systems.

Many women are in positions where adequate housing remains out of reach.

In 2016, while 13% of Canadians were in core housing need, 28% of female-led households were in core housing need. Women, whose incomes are continually lower than men, are relegated to apartments that cost more than 30% of their income, are in various states of disrepair, or are otherwise unsuitable for their families. Additionally, violence and housing instability are often related experiences for women.

In Kingston, a recent Point-in-Time count found that women make up 40% of the city’s homeless population. Women’s shelters in the area operate at maximum capacity. Even when women in Kingston can access public rent-geared-to-income housing, there remain maintenance and pest issues within the units that perpetuate a state of violence rather than providing a space for healing.

KUT strongly believes that women and their families deserve better. Understanding housing as a human right, we are committed to fighting alongside women until everyone has access to adequate housing.

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