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Interview with CFRC 101.9 Kingston

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Doug Yearwood, Member of the Katarokwi (Kingston) Union of Tenants responds to Kingston's housing crisis.

Last week, CFRC 101.9’s Alex Fernandes was kind enough to host me on their radio program to discuss issues of rental housing in the City of Kingston. We talked about our political program, what we’ve done to help tenants, the meeting with the Mayor’s Task Force on Housing, and more. Give it a listen, and feel free to share this with your friends and neighbours. I was a little nervous, but here’s how it turned out.

To listen to the full interview visit:

The main purpose is to really organize tenants. We are really upset with the conditions of housing, and especially rental housing in the city.
- Doug Yearwood

To learn more about Katarokwi (Kingston) Union of Tenants, or to join/support the movement visit their Facebook Page,

Or email the group at

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